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We believe that people who are highly confident, who are after their dreams and who have a dream of these dreams will be happier. We are aware that the most important element in reaching our targets is the qualified and happy employees. We are shaping our Human Resources (HR) management in this direction. We do this by choosing the human resources that our group companies need, the needs of our business sectors, as well as the opportunity to develop, to adopt and live with our values. Transparent performance management, career planning and on-the-job training as well as the "equal pay for equal work" practice constitute the whole of our HR approach.

It is possible to summarize our view of human resource management in the following headings:
   • Our human resource is the basic element that provides competitive advantage.
   • We expect each of our employees to have common values.
   • Our group aims to be a particularly preferred institution to work.
   • We monitor fairness and equal opportunity among our employees.
   • We evaluate and encourage success and high performance.
   • We take care of the differences between the sectors and the companies that make up our group.
   • We follow the developments in HR management and evaluate them in line with our needs.
   • In order to meet today's needs in a way that will not reduce the resources of future generations, we strive to develop sustainability in our employees.

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