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About Us

Polamin Packaging is in third Industry Region in Gaziantep as a yearly 10.000 ton production capacity. Our company is working with two machines as Windmöller VAREX and Windmöller COEX.

Polamin packaging presents innovator, flexible and ongoing resources as special for the customers in packaging sector. We work professionally with the customers, workers, purveyors of product and serving like in the team work. Polamin packaging creates not only profitable but also there is a safe, peaceful, transparent and democtatic area to its customers demands and needs. On the other hand, the company gives so much importance to the customers pleasure and it goes on with this principle.


Preferred, our core values to be a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of packaging;

      • Leading the packaging sector in terms of quality, innovation, technology and flexibility,
      • To add value to the products and services we offer, and to meet market needs by creating diversity,
      • Consider environmental responsibility for a sustainable industry and the world,
      • Providing a safe and healthy working environment by valuing my employees,
      • To continuously improve the understanding of total quality management.


      • Customer-specific products and services in the packaging industry for innovative, flexible and provide sustainable resources.
      • To transform the working system into a system approved and recognized by international organizations.
      • Working professionally in a manner suited to the team spirit with staff, customers, product and service suppliers ensures continuity by creating a safe, peaceful, transparent and democratic environment at the same time as not profitable.
      • Progressing without compromising the customer satisfaction principle by offering products and services on customer demand and expectations.
      • To fulfill the tasks that are superseded in terms of environmental pollution prevention.
      • To be an institution that is legal, moral and always developing and changing within the framework of social and corporate responsibility.

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