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Shrink/Strech Film

Shrink film, Laminasyonluk film, flexible packing, Stretch film, Packing film, Polietilen film, Plastic film for hygienic product, Hygienic product film, Powder-filled film, Plastic film for dust filling,Stretch hood, Airbag film,Plastic film for air cushion, Pallet cover,Bigbag lineer, Wet tissue film,Film for wet wipes,Plastic film for wet wipes,Peelable film, 3-layer film,Coex film,Windmoller,Plastic,Cargo bag, Frozen food film,Packing,Nylon film,legumes film, the plastic film for legumes, legumes laminasyon, bakliyat Lamination film,pasta film, plastic film for pasta, pasta Lamination, pasta Lamination film,beer nuts filmi, plastic film for beer nuts, çerez Lamination, beer nuts Lamination film,cips film, plastic film for cips, cips Lamination, cips Lamination film

To make two or more small packages, a single larger package, To keep a package or product clean, To prevent a packaged product from being stolen or to open the package without being purchased, To act as a storage seal indicating that the product is not opened, To prevent the redistribution, sale or sale of a product.

Protect the product against grease, moisture or water and general external mechanical effects and ensure durability. The magazine ensures that the catalog paper products arrive at their original, undamaged, true owner. For this purpose, do not damage the address label and ensure that it remains clean during transportation. Apply advertising, usage instructions, instruction, warning, barcode graphics on the printed film when necessary. Minimizing water loss by providing moisture bar to some food products. Protecting the product and providing unused first user. Adding aesthetics by taking the shape of the product and presenting a visual with tautness, providing aesthetic contribution with brilliant transparency.


Our polyethylene films comply with the requirements of the Turkish Food Codex Regulations, covering reliability in terms of food. All films are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and BCR / IoP IV standards.

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