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Our products

Powder Filling and Liquid Beverage

They are P.E. Films that are produced for treatment and performance of the used production machines especially content and precision of the product.


They are P.E films that are sticks well into the fast production machines which are produced suitable for chemical specialities of the increased colour shade of the detergent.

Hygienic Product

Two and three layers plastic film forms that are intended for packaging of wet towel, diaper and napkin are used.


Laminated forms which are made by CPP or PE are suitable for the products like pulse, pasta, spices, sugar, salt and noodle.

Frozen Food

They are P.E films that are lamineted with LDPE, LDPE/LDPE, BOPP/LDPE, PET/LDPE, OPP/CPP.


Air bags are used in the empty spaces as not giving damage to the products while lading them in Transportation of truck, ship, train and container....

Shrink / Strech Film

To make two or more small packages, a single larger package, To keep a package or product clean, To prevent a packaged product from being stolen or to open the package without being purchased...

Pallet Cover

They are produced as bags and rolls for automatic and manuel usage by adding the many additives like UV and antifusion in suitable conditions and thickness of loading capacity of the transportation.


The huge plastics as LDPE, LLPDE, mLLPDE are used like Big Bag or free. By the coekstrision technique different layers can be combined together.

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